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Yiddish-English Translation

Do you have a stash of family letters written in Yiddish that you can't read?  I enjoy helping people connect to their parents, grandparents, and more distant ancestors. 


I specialize in handwritten materials, especially documents with very difficult handwriting.


Do you need documents or newspaper articles translated for your exhibition, book, or other project? Click here for a list of previous clients and projects.

Contact me by sending me a message here.


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BZ-Yiddish Letter 137A-C fragment.jpg
Soyer family JPEG.jpg

Soyer family, Borisoglebsk, Russia ca. 1907. Avrom and Beyle Soyer and children, (l-r) Rebecca, Isaac, Fanny, Moses, and Raphael. The three boys became noted American artists. (Collection of Daniel Soyer and Nancy Soyer)

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