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Communications & Other Writing for Non-Profits

Do you need engaging copy for websites,

brochures, and other communications projects? Award-winning grant proposals?

For over six years, as Director of Digital Initiatives at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research, I conceptualized, wrote, and edited content for YIVO's institutional and project websites and online exhibitions and played a leading role in the development of brochures and newsletters. My grant proposals brought in over $1 million.

Another highlight of my career as a writer for non-profits is the organizational history I conceptualized, researched, and wrote for the 50th anniversary of the Atran Foundation in 1996.

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Atran cartoon.jpg

“Madame Yiddish and Her Escort.” Cartoon depicting philanthropist Frank Atran escorting “Yiddish” up steps of Columbia University, celebrating the establishment of the Atran Chair in Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture, the first Yiddish studies chair in an American university (Morgn-zhurnal, 16 March 1952). (Collection of Roberta Newman)

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