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Published Fiction & Non-Fiction

Selected List

  • Jewish History and Culture 05 2021

“Seelenschmerz und Science Fiction: Ein gerettetes Manuskript Leyzer Volfs”       (Soul Struggle and Science Fiction: A rescued manuscript of Leyzer Wolf's)

  • Jewish Review of Books (2021)

“Write Modern Letter, Live a Modern Life.” (Co-author: Alice Nakhimovsky) 

  • Edward Blank YIVO Vilna Online Collections (2015-2019)

Features on artifacts digitized for the project. 


  • Global Literature in Libraries Initiative (2017)

“Buried Yiddish Treasures in Lithuania.” 


  • Forward (2016)

“Was the Holocaust Made Possible by Demise of European States?” Interview with Timothy Snyder.

  • Moment Magazine (2012)

"Girl of the Comet." Winner of 3rd prize, MOMENT Magazine-Karma Foundation Fiction Contest.

  • (April 2012)

"Moyshe from Modvelt." (Fiction)


  • Women in Judaism: A Multidisplinary Journal (Vol. 7, No.2, 2010)

"Gone." (Fiction) 

  • Yugntruf (1988)

"Paradise" and "The Museum of Children's Dreams." (Yiddish poems)

Reprinted in Soviet publication, Sovetish Heymland.

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